Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pattiewack on You Tube!

I'm on YouTube!! Can you believe it? I did not even know it until somebody told me. How crazy is that?
I followed the links from the YouTube site, and found out that Paul Gambino, author of Scrap City, has the video on his site, also. That makes sense, because the video is from a KOTV Channel 6 segment I did on CBS for the Six In The Morning Show, where I talked about Paul's new book, and demonstrated the Art Bra Scrapbook and other projects that I designed in the book.

Oh, and I told a BIG SECRET to the whole world that day on national television.

You'll have to watch the video (just click on the image above to load the video) to find out what my big announcement was. Then go out and make your very own scrapbook!

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