Sunday, October 26, 2008

Punkin Fun in Nashville

South of Nashville, there is the most adorable pumpkin farm you ever did see. Scott and I had to explore, take some photos and hang with the locals. They had itty bitty punkins, that are just perfect for building topiaries.

I made these with dowel rods and wooden discs. Drill a hole into the wooden disc, the same width as the dowel rod. Glue one end of the rod into the disc, then paint it black. When it's dry, you can pierce your little punkins as you stack them on top of each other. Scoop out a place on the top to shove a votive candle into the punkin for a topiary candlestick. Now you can tie raffia around the bottom or place in an urn for a fabulous fall centerpiece!

You can get more details from the Project Page at on how to make the topiaries.

Don't throw away your topiary holders after the pumpkins dry out, because you can use them for apples, gourd, and clove-covered oranges for a terrific Thanksgiving centerpiece that looks great, and smells heavenly.

The Nashville Farmer's Market is huge! We had a blast looking for fresh veggies to take home for a homemade soup for the week.

I'll be coming back here to pick apples next time. Wow!

Then we headed to historic Franklin, Tennessee for the annual Pumpkinfest. Good grief, it was crowded, but it was FUN!

I couldn't help it, I had to have a funnel cake, baybeeee. OMG, there was SO much powdered suger, you could barely see the funnel cake underneath. Yummmmmmmieeeee.

I love autumn. It's the best season of all.

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