Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Girl

Yeppers, I've been a busy girl!
Scott caught me today in the middle of a multitude of projects.

He came home from his ride and freeeeeked out because I've been gathering all this stuff to upcycle, transform, and turn trash into fashion!

You know, it takes a lot of tools to make the magic happen...

It's taken over the house. You can barely see my piano.

My location layouts are ultimately the most important thing, so I can line up the shot list for photography

Of course, there has to be a poodle applique in there somewhere!

Feathers, bamboo rings, safety pins, tassels....yes!

Yes, that's an old lunchbox. don't ask.

Purses, vests, skirts, t-shirts, you name it...I've got it.

Okay, so I really am getting projects done, as you see here.

Belts, caps, and of course, MORE purses!

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