Wednesday, May 6, 2009


On Sunday, May 24th, tune in to "Inspired at Home" radio and listen to me being interviewed by Tiffany Windsor as we discuss the latest book that I created designs for entitled, "Cookbooking" by Barbara Winkler, a former executive editor of Family Circle magazine.

If you are like most people, you have a ton of loose magazine clippings and hand scribbled recipes, or cards that people have given you over the years, that are thrown into boxes and notebooks. Mine were the same way, but not any more. I figured out that I could design all kinds of creative ways to categorize my recipes and be able to find my favorite Stuffed Shrooms recipe when I need it.

One of my favorite scrapbooks I designed was for my Mom’s 70th birthday. My entire family participate by writing about their favorite moments with my mom’s cooking or their favorite dish. Then I made a notebook with retro fabric, tons of ribbon, grommets, and 3 binder rings. You’ll love it! Best part? Some of my mom’s recipes are in there! There are ways to give recipes as a gift, and how to create an heirloom cookbook, and even a kid’s lunchbox recipe organizer.

I'm looking forward to the show, as this is quite a homecoming for me, with Tiffany being the mainstay of the "Aleene's Creative Living" television show when I was one of the hosts. She is the daughter of Aleene Jackson, the queen of Tacky Glue, and part of an extremely creative family including her sister Heidi Borchers. Julianna Hudgins is a co-host of this creative lifestyle program that treats listeners to this lively duo's ideas including creative tips, project ideas, product reviews and creative lifestyle interviews.

I can't wait! Join me, and call in to: (646) 929-2406 with your crafty questions and comments.


Mrs. Wright said...

Hi Patti!
I met you at the airport while waiting for my honey to come in...and I just lovvvve your energy and enjoy tacky glue,decoupage and all things sparkly so I will tune in to your interview and tell others. Happy creating!

Pattie Donham said...

Hey Girl!
It was a hoot meeting you...Scott and I should meet up with you guys in Nashville sometime. Yeah! I am so glad you're going to listen in on the Inspired At Home interview...

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