Friday, June 26, 2009

Movin' and a groovin'....

Yes, we're movin' and a groovin' all the way from Nashville to Clovis, California. So, here we go with a new adventure!

Scott makes everything fun, and the ABF Dude was happy to get in the moment when we told him that he was going to be on camera for a video. Scott made a great barter deal with the ABF company and has been doing a time lapse on the whole thing!

Purge, baby purge! That's my motto... I am going through every single craft bin and re-organizing everything.

Does anybody remember the Favor Maker? I love this little machine! Now, all I need is a party....

Wow! An old craft book from my childhood. It's GIANT! Love it... have to craft something from it. Maybe the hair curlers keeper made out of a bleach bottle???

Random crafting....Robyn came to the rescue and picked up tons of fabric and craft tools. We couldn't resist a crafty moment on the driveway when she needed to know how to work the die cutting machine.

Jammie lightened our load by taking away extra photography equipment. Thank goodnes for her roomy car.

I did it! All my crafty stuff is snug as a bug and ready to rock-n-roll.

Finally, five re-lo-cubes are full and we shut the doors, and began our journey across America to our new home and new jobs with Duncan Enterprises....

Before we left Nashville, the gang from work gave us a going away party in downtown Nashville. I rode a mechanical bull, and of course, had to tell Elvis goodbye...

Of course we had to make a stop at a Cracker Barrel for some snacks. Scott got the extra large
size of Smarties...they were about the size of a nickel.

We stopped in Oklahoma to visit family, and found the coolest t-shirts that were tie-dyed at our fave pizza joint in Norman. Mine's purple and pink!

We stopped at the Cadillac Ranch and had a blast with a video we did for in graffiti on one of the cars with Tulip paints.

The view from our balcony in Sedona was absolutely incredible. We got to meet up with some Arizona friends, and had an amazing dinner by a babbling brook filled with ducks.

We were both mesmerized by these windmills in Tehachepi, CA. There were too many to count!

The crazy octagon-dome house near Yucca, CA. Octa-home...not to be confused with Octa-Mom.

We made it! The cubes are unpacked, and we are settling into our cute little house at Harlan Ranch in Clovis.

We decided to take time out from unpacking to check out the Clovis farmers market tonight. Yeahhh!!! The band was decent, it wasn't toooo hot, and it was fun to check out our new neighbors.

I loved these jugs of fresh flowers. Scott loves, loves, loves sunflowers.

And I love Austin Powers. How funny is this? He was in front of a darling tea room and I couldn't resist the kodak moment. Grooooovy baby...

Snagged some organic garlic.

Scarfed down some yummmmy corn on the cob. Woohooo!

And the trees in the parking lot were amazing.

Now, back to the unpacking and getting ready for our new jobs on Monday. I'll keep you posted!

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