Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Heart SHOES!

I love shoes so much, that I'm always checking out ways to wack them out with something, and these strappy heels caught my attention at Forever21 on one of my many dashes to the mall.

But they didn't start out like this. Oh no. At the iLoveToCreate Studios the Designers start with an idea like everyone else in the creative world, BUT then we must create a SKETCH to show the approval committee what we plan to DO with our idea before we can make it.

So, here's my sketch of the shoes I had in my head. As you can see, the technique for gluing is written there, along with my initials, and what the embellishments will be. At the time I was thinking zippers, crystals, and using GLUE to hold them all together. If you look real close, you see that "yes" it was approved.

And here's the shoes BEFORE the zippers, glue, and rosettes started being added.

In the process, I used clothespins and masking tape to hold them together while the glue set.

Oh, and did you know that zippers fray when you cut them? That's why you see the candle lit on my work table. I held the cut zipper over the flame to stop them from fraying. Works like a charm. I use Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue, and I also used Fabric Fusion to hold the rosettes together. They are 3 sizes of wavy circles cut from an old pleather jacket, with a brad in the center of the small circle. I stacked and glued them together and then glued them to the shoes. The next morning I took off the tape and clothespins and woot-woot!

Check it out..... Our copy writer Chloe just HAD to try them on. They are size 9, and she is a size 6....so they are pretty big, but still pretty stellar.

Cute toes, Chloe!

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Toni said...

Loved this. I am a total shoe whore. One of my nicknames is ShoeGirl and most every time I make cards, I use a shoe punch to glue down nest to my signature and a friend of mine even made a custom stamp for me as a gift - you know "created by" - and there's a shoe in the middle of the stamp.