Sunday, January 5, 2014

We are on the COVER of Fresno Life Magazine this month!!

Fresno Life Magazine

Wowza!  Scott and I had no idea when Valerie Marderosian asked if she could interview us, that we'd end up on the COVER of the local magazine.  Valerie has become a Contributing Writer for Fresno Life Magazine, and she is also the Chief Creative Office at iLoveToCreate here in Fresno where Scott is the Corporate Videographer and I'm the Lead Designer/Spokesperson.  

We had so much fun being interviewed by Valerie as she asked questions about how we met, what was the big attraction, and how we keep it together as a couple, since we live and work together.  Because this issue is the "Love" issue, she was really interested in our relationship.  It was fun to tell our story!

We've only been in Fresno four and a half years, but we've set our roots here by buying a house and becoming part of the community.  We love the wineries and the closeness to mountains, the beach, and to the big cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Any of these major destinations can be enjoyed over a weekend.  Plus, we've made lifelong friendships with co-workers.  Our families are in Washington, Oregon, Mississippi, and Oklahoma, so they enjoy having a California destination.

Thank you Valerie, for a fabulous experience, and a really fun article about me and Scott!

If you want, you can pick up a copy at Michael Blunt's Salon & Bistro, Kristina's Natural Ranch Market, Fresno Ag, and The Diamond Learning Center, or subscribe online on the Fresno Life Magazine Facebook page.

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