Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Blog Look on Pattiewack!

I think my biggest downfall is boredom.  (sigh) As you can see, I got bored with my blog and just had to go in and change it up.  It all started this weekend when I was browsing around and did a little test on +Home Good's blog to see what my style is.  (As if I didn't know already!) And I discovered that I'ms Sassy with a dash of Boho.  Yep, I knew it.  But my blog didn't really say that about me, so I went into blogdom and started playing with the template.  I'm still not finished, but at least I'm experimenting with it, right?

So here's my question.  What do you like when YOU go to blogs?Do you just go there for the eye candy?  Do you like a good story?  Are you searching for tutorials?  Patterns?  Free stuff?

Let me know!  Make a comment here on on my PattieWack Designs Facebook page and tell me WHAT MAKES A GOOD BLOG?

That's it for now!

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