Monday, February 12, 2007

Behind the Scenes at Channel Six

CBS Channel Six News Anchor LeAnne Taylor, and I were chatting away before the PattieWack-n-Crafts segment this morning. Look close and you'll see how pretty the Valentine's Day card turned out, with the glass pendant on the front. The pendants were a big hit, and I gave away a bunch of them after the segment. Fun!

The gang is all here, and checking out the Valentine's Cards for a last minute look. That's Casey Norton, Channel Six News Anchor, and Reporter Carina Sonn, along with cameramen and producers. These peeps are just as much fun OFF the air as they are ON the air!

Kevin Martin the Floor Manager, is checking out the set-up for my craft segment along with LeAnne. Kevin is great at his job, keeps us all on time, on our toes, and has fun at the same time. I just love it!

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