Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleevies 2000 vs. Snuggies 2009

Okay, there are SOME of you that will believe me when I tell you that a friend and I dreamed up these crazy blankets with sleeves when I lived in Santa Barbara in 2000. And there are some of you that WON'T believe me, but check out my HAIR! It was very long at the time as you can see, and I'm totally 9 years younger in these pics.

Believe it or NOT, we really did dream it up (and obviously some other people did too) when we were watching those commercials about the funny sleeping bag thingies to set around in during the cold weather.

Well, we went so far as to do this cheeeeze waddy photo shoot as you see here, and then went to the LA fabric market to source felt fabrics, get pricing, and create the pattern. I sewed up several SLEEVIES and sent the presentation to a buyer at one of the craft chains and they said YES!

The only problem is, we needed about 100K to purchase, package and ship these things we called SLEEVIES, and we just didn't have the moolah!

The Aleene's Creative Living Show that we were working on, had been canceled and my friend and I certainly didn't have the cash or enough friends to float the loan. Preeeety sad, huh?

Soooo, we ended up canning the idea and forgetting all about it until this winter when the SNUGGIES commercials hit the airways. Geeeeez! Had we only known! Wah. We threw a little pity party and moaned when we started seeing them show up everywhere, and even witnessed a pub crawl right here in our town a few weeks ago. We ultimately missed out on a million do$$ar once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it BIG!

Oh well! Chalk it up to being HIGH on ideas, and LOW on cash.


Sacred Yoli said...

Hey Ms. Pattie,

You really can rawk that Snuggie! hehe.

I have a homemade one. I wear my robe backwards and call it a day.

Great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on the money yet, if that idea has any connection to the company you originally approached, you may still be entitled! Did you have a patent on it?