Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pom Pom Boa

This pompom boa is so fast and easy to make, you will not be able to stop with just one. You can make them is all different sizes, colors, and types of yarn. You can even use up all of the left-over yarns in your stash for a beautiful and unique boa, by tying several different colors of pompoms onto one boa. Also, if you brush the fibers when you're finished, it will make a completely different look for your boa. Have fun!

1. Cut one strand of yarn 60" long. Lay aside.
2. Wind yarn around the PattieWack Pom Pom Tool at the 4-inch width, until it is nice and full. Count the number of times you wind the yarn, to reference the rest of the pom poms for an equal size. Cut off the yarn when you have the fullness you want.
3. Cut a 16-inch strand of yarn, double it, and use it to tie around the center of the pom pom.
4. Cut the yarn at the top and bottom of the pom pom, and pull it away from the tool.
5. Tie the pom pom to the end of the strand from Step #1. Fluff the pompom with your fingers and trim any long strands.
6. Continue to make pom poms and closely tie them onto the strand, until it is the length that you want, after adding the tassels.
7. Wind yarn around the PattieWack™ Tassel Tool at the 5-inch length, until nice and full.
8. Cut a 10-inch strand of yarn and tightly tie it around the top of the tassel.
9. Cut a 12-inch strand of yarn and bind the neck of the tassel.
10. Push the tassel down the PattieWack™ Tassel Tool, very slightly. Cut the bottom of the tassel, and pull the tassel off the tool. Trim the bottom if needed.
11. Tie the tassel to one end of the boa, using the loose strands at the top of the tassel.
12. Repeat Step# 7 thru Step# 10 to create a second tassel, and tie it to the other end of the boa to complete.


2-inch Pompoms = 36
3-inch Pompoms = 26
4-inch Pompoms = 22
Add two 5-inch tassels to create a 58-inch Boa

This is only an estimated guide.
The size and weight of your yarn
will vary the amount of pompoms needed.

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