Monday, July 19, 2010

Color Wheel Frame

I use my color wheel almost every single day at my job as a designer. And when I was creating a project for Hancock's project sheets recently, I was so excited to make this super simple but relevant frame for a mirror. I admit that the thread was a bit pricey, what with them being over a buck apiece, but it was worth it. I took my color wheel to the local Hancock's store and laid the spools of thread around it to color match. Fun! Then I ran over to Target to pick up a round mirror. Of course the perfect glue to use is the Aleene’s® Fast Grab™ Tacky Glue because it's kinda like hot glue in a bottle. Sets up really fast and holds just about anything to anything. I am hoping to steal it out of the photography studio and make it mine. You know, you could totally use spools out of your thread stash to make this.

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