Monday, July 12, 2010

CHA Summer Sneak Peek

I've been working along with the iLoveToCreate designers, on the booth for the CHA Summer Trade Show. I just couldn't help myself when I took a few sneaky-peeky photos of some of the wild and wacky and fabulous projects that show how to use the Aleene's glues. As you know, I'm a glue fiend, and I did an extreme sculpture with an old mannequin, fabric, a table, a recycled veggie steamer, and more things than you'd care to read here in a list. One of our freelance designers made this cool piece of jewelry with the brown bag technique, that I glued to my sculpture as an earring. Of course, there's some outrageous amount of glitter, and my signature zippers. After the show, I'll be able to post the full photo of my creation.

My fellow designer Allee, and I did this statement necklace for our showstopping mannequin. She designed these beautiful robin's blue eggs with of all things, cornstarch and glue and 3-D fashion paint. I love it! We were inspired by the Miley Cyrus video where she can't be tamed. Woot woot! Or should I say, tweet tweet!

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