Sunday, March 6, 2011

Urban Ornaments Shopping Spree

My favorite boutique and home decor store,
Urban Ornaments in Clovis had a 4-Year Anniversary party this weekend.  
Scott and I met some friends there to enjoy the cupcakes, mimosas, and fabulous finds. 
 The store is filled with gorgeous vignettes of refinished furniture, 
art, and crafts by local artisans.
 I absolutely am in love with the line of Papaya paper goods and gifts.  
I couldn't resist a new notebook.
 The crowd kept lingering for the finger-licking good cupcakes.
 This darling bookcase reminded me of some footstools I decoupage years ago.  
Must do some more of that!
 Scott went crazy for these 50's glass tumblers.  
I love the "Happy Hour" sign with the pin-up girl.
 Spools of thread, tassels, and wreaths were inspiring.  
I came home and went to my yarn stash to make a wreath with pompoms and tassels.
 This old clock would be gorgeous on a brick wall.
 The front of the store is adorable and you can't help but go inside.
 Rebekah and I both went nuts over these medallions of sheet music cones.  
I can just see these around her piano in her apartment.
What a fun day!  I picked up a vintage tiara, girlie notebook, and tons of inspiration.  
They have a facebook page, if you want to check it out:

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Bride.Paper.Scissors said...

How fun! I LOVE this store!! I always find so many wonderful things there. :)