Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tie Dye Tutorials - Shibori - Brush - Scrunch

I love TIE DYE, and I decided to create 3 of the 5 Dye Techniques in this great Tulip kit.
I grabbed 2 kits, because I dyed 12 yards of fabric.

First step:
Pre-Wash - I washed and dried all the 100% cotton fabric 
to take out the sizing and prepare it for the dye.

Second Step:
Mixing - My steel sink is perfect for mixing the dyes. It's fast and easy because all I have to do is put on my gloves and then fill all the bottles with water (the dye is already in there) and shake.
Third Step:
Covered Work Table - Scott set up a table cover with plastic trash bags. Of course he used bungees to hold it down. I call him Bungee Man. (When I'm not calling him Zip-tie Man.)
I started with the shibori technique and since my project is so humongus, 
I taped the 2 tubes together that come in the kits.
Then I laid it under the fabric and scrunched it up. 
The shibori tube holds the fabric up so that you get that cool striped look, 
and keeps it from puddling. You'll see!
Now, the dying begins. I squirted it onto the fabric along the top of the tube. 
Then, I moved the tube over about 8 inches and repeated until I was at the end of the fabric.
Voila! I hung it on the clothesline and replaced the trash bag with a new one for the next color.
Woohoo, the brush technique was amazing. 
I simply poured my dye out of the bottle and into a disposable bowl, 
dipped my brush from the kit into the dye, and made crisscross strokes all the way across. 
Loved it.
After changing the trash bag on the table again, I was ready for the spray technique. 
This was soooo easy and fast. I made little hills and valleys with the fabric, 
then used the spray top from the kit to spray away.
4-Hour Dye Set:
I don't know what the neighbors think, 
but it sure gave them a colorful view while the dye set for 4 hours. 

Wash & Dry:
Last step, wash and dry the fabric separately and then make anything I want!

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