Sunday, July 12, 2015

DIY Pom-Pom Party Banner

This adorable little felt banner at Michael's store was just sitting on a shelf waiting for me last week and I grabbed it up immediately.  (Click here for a link to the banner)  I didn't know where I was going to put it, but it didn't matter at the moment because I was in love!  I mean, it is such a great color combo, it's that rich thick wooly felt, and such a cute size, I knew I could find a place for it somewhere.

Here's all you need:

I wasted no time getting to my yarn stash to make the perfect pom-poms for my banner.  It was fast and easy to make them on the 1-1/2" step of the PattieWack™ Mini Pom-Pom Maker.  

As you can see, I matched every single color of the banner with yarn to make a pom-pom for each pennant, and then I moved them all over to the NEXT pennant to contrast with the color, yet continue the color story.  What can I worked!

And here's a tip.  The Aleene's Adhesive Tabs you'll see me using in the video made the whole thing soooo easy and no mess.  That's what I love, love, love about dry adhesives.

Watch the HOW-TO Video

Here's how to make quick and easy pompoms for a DIY PomPom Banner with felt, yarn and the PattieWack™Mini Pom-Pom Maker.  Add a little pom-pom pizzazz to your front door or next party for a dose of double-goodness.  I hope it inspires you to start a new creative adventure with pompoms.


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