Sunday, August 30, 2015

DIY Back-To-School Classroom Folders

It's Back-to-School time again, and if you're looking for a way to brighten up the classroom in a BIG way with a SMALL budget, these DIY Classroom Folders are just the ticket!  

Save $$ money $$ with just a few supplies, since all you need is this fun pack of EXTREME 3D PUFFY™ PAINT and those dirt-cheap folders in bright primary colors that you can pick up anywhere....even the dollar store.
Get creative!  Everybody loves Puffy Paint, and this kit will be so much fun to paint the folders with, the kids will even want to help. 

 "Read Every Day" 
For this folder I used a red colored folder and wrote the word "RED" on one side and then used the acronym to write the words Read Every Day.  Then I cut out green construction paper for the corners and glued them with Aleene's® Tacky Glue.  Next, just add a few fun embellishments and you're done.  It dries super fast, too.
I really had fun with this one!  I cut a funny monster shape from pink construction paper and glued it in the top left corner of the purple folder.  Then painted some crazy teeth, and an eyeball.  The monster outline is in blue, and then I drew the word "MINE" in blue with a black arrow drawn from the monster to the word.  Mine, mine, mine, mine.....  :)
My short stumpy pencil was cut from yellow and pink construction paper and glued to the left side of the purple folder.  I outlined it with red and black paint, and added blue squiggles of writing from the pencil point at the top and right edge of the folder.  To finish it, paint the word "Writing" in white.  
"Bee Smart"
I especially like this one.  The little bumble bee is cut from black construction paper with a circle cut-out for the bee face.  After gluing it onto the folder, I drew the face and antennae with a black crayon.  Then I painted the white stripes across the bee body.  Now write the word "Smart" with red paint.  To finish, paint the wings, ends of the antennae and a bumble bee trail with black.  Bzzzzzz...
"Stuff To Always Remember"
Here's another acronym with the word STAR to use for the words "Stuff To Always Remember".  I started by cutting a star shape from yellow construction paper and gluing it to the green folder with Aleene's® Tacky Glue.  Then I painted the word "STAR" in red along the left side of the folder.  Next I finished the words in blue, outlined the star in white and painted black beams from the star.  How fun is that?
There are so many variations you can create when making your own classroom folders with EXTREME 3D Puffy™ Paint!
I know you'll have tons of ideas and probably better than mine that your kids or students will love and be inspired by.  I hope you have a wonderful school year, and keep being crafty and creative!

See you in the next post! 

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