Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY eBrush™ Gifts & Decor

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, I received a big box of goodness from the folks at CraftwellUSA.  I was squealing with delight when I opened the eBrush® box and saw that it's an airbrush made just for people like me.  The air flows over markers in the tiniest of sprays which makes it perfect for fine art, scrapbookers, paper crafters, and mixed media projects.   

I combined it with some of my favorite Tulip® For Your Home stencils and quickly transformed simple white paper into gift wrap that I think is quite stunning!   

The little eBrush™ went together in about 5 minutes.  I plugged it right in and got started.  Within 15 minutes I already knew I was in love with this fun gadget.  And since I'm a hoarder of all things crafty and has to do with TOOLS, I was extremely excited.

My next adventure was to try the eBrush™ on a hard surface, so I grabbed a frame that I had covered with crumpled tissue with Aleene's® Tacky Spray.  I added some little charms with nails and a hammer.  Then I found these little plastic doilies in my stash and knew they would make great masks for spraying a shadow effect.

The eBrush™ did a great job by air brushing a fine spray of indigo over the doily in opposite corners for a lace accent.  Talk about easy!  Seriously, I was done with the project in no time at all, and the frame is going to make a great little gift for someone that that loves a feminine home dec accent in their home or apartment.

Before you can say "grab some yarn!"  I was making a pom-pom and a tassel to try out my new eBrush® to see how it would work on something as delicate as yarn.

I absolutely LOVE how the PattieWack™ pompom and tassel turned out!  The eBrush™ creates such a fine, delicate spray of color that just dusted the tips of the pompom.  And I was able to aim it right at the neck of the tassel and on the tips to create an ombre effect that is total perfection.  Love, love love.

The eBrush™ tassel looks pretty swell on a simple cobalt blue bottle and adds a bit of whimsy at the feet of one of my mannequins in the studio.

And who doesn't love a fluffy pompom on a pillow!

Thanks again, Craftwell USA for the fun new artsy crafty products.  Stay tuned, because there's lots more to come when I open the cut'n'boss™ and the eBrush™ Siphon Adaptor Kit!

See you in the next post! 

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