Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ceramic Corsets!

Who knew that you could turn something as hard as ceramic into something as soft as a corset? Well, Nicole Moan has it figured out as you can see. Her art is a virtual explosion of creativity in a form that you can wear. I saw a peek of her work when I was channel surfing and came across a show call Split Ends on the Style Network and just couldn’t stop watching.

In her bio at her website, 4 Anything Art, she writes how that they are relatively comfortable as corsets go. Now, I don’t think these are something you would wear to breakfast, but for a shocking party dress, how could you go wrong?

This amazing artist from Oklahoma City, was featured at the Swatch Watch Alternative Fashion Week in London, England. The models who wore the corsets also had slip (the liquid form of clay) in their hair for unique designs.

Nicole works in themes, from super heroes to bridal gowns. I would love to see how she forms them into their custom shapes. Perhaps she uses actual models, or mannequins…I don’t know. But they are certainly mesmerizing with each being an art object to admire. Sure makes me want to take up ceramics!


Bryan Crump said...

Great post, I am sure that Nicole would be pleased to see what you have said about her work. Bravo for supporting the arts. Wonderful blog. Keep it up.

NicoleMoan said...

thanks somuch!!! NICOLE MOAN
Also check out

Clurls said...

Thank you soooo much for posting this. I wanted to wear a ceramnic corsett for a event and totally forgot where I saw it last, and here I find the answer to my question. I love her work!