Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Nashville! It's been a laid back day, after a champagne toast by the fire last night.

We slept in this morning, watched the Rose Bowl Parade like everyone else, and then I got busy in the kitchen making our traditional black-eyed peas with cornbread and a carrot cake. My momma has never let a new year's day pass without cooking this meal so that we would be prosperous all year.

I had to don my new apron that was given to me by one of the interns at work, Kelly. She gave it to me because she knows how much I love kitschy things.

It's such a hoot! It has a big red heart that says, "How to keep your husband." And then it has all these cartoons with quotations in English and French. It says things like:
  • Always look innocent! Cela vous va' faites la sainte nitouche!
  • Watch your weight! C'est la chair qu! Semble s'enfler
  • Kiss him often! Baisez-le, mais souvant!
  • Have dinner ready! Avant tout, le diner!
  • Get up for breakfast with a smile! Au de'jeuner, un sourire apportez!
  • Don't open his mail! Ne touchez pas son courrier!
  • Don't nag! Ne le crondez pas!
  • Don't go thru his pockets! Ne fouillez pas dans ses poches!
  • Don't gossip over the phone! Pas des comme'rabes au te'le'phone!
  • Don't get mad or jealous! Pas des folies ou de jalousie!
The sayings withouth the translations are:
  • Let him read his paper in peace!
  • Encourage his hobbies!
  • Praise his in-laws!
  • Don't be a know-it-all!
  • Don't go over the budget!
  • Don't look sloppy over the breakfast table!
Isn't that hysterical? The cute pin-up style girls in the cartoons are adorable. Talk about politically incorrect, and a jab at the old ways of the 50's male chauvinist. It is certainly a conversation piece. *giggle Kelly said she found it at Pangaea, one of my fave shops in Nashville.

Scott's favorite (he says) is "Kiss him often!"
Thanks Kelly!

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Ida said...

Love the apron! Happy New Year