Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun Birthday!

Yes, I had a stinkin' birthday. You'd think that sharing my day with a big holiday would make people forget, but oh, no. I got gifts. I got spoiled. I got lovins. And I'm calling Darsee right now to tell her how much I love the freakin' fun stuff she sent!

She loves craftin'up her cards as you can see, and of course she sent crazy fun jewelry. The cuff bracelets say peace and love, to match the rhinestone peace earrings. The cute patent leather red tassel is a keychain from Sandy and I got gift cards and other neat stuff from lots of peeps. Thank you EVERYBODY!!

Scott made yummy pizza with avocados and basil and tomatoes and black olives with goat cheese, which is my favorite. That's hummus, brie cheese & crackers, cookies & popcorn. Isn't that silly? Oh, and the martinis are acai and grapefruit with slices of honey crisp apples.

Joan sent the fabulous bouquet of flowers with matching vase and candlesticks. Absolutely beautiful! You'd think she could see my house all the way from the California coast, they match the house so perfectly.

Yep, he spoils me. Gotta make notes, so I can do his birthday up big, too. We are both capricorns, and like so much of the same things, it'll be hard to come up with a surprise.... but I'm up to the look out birthday boy.

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CyndiLou said...

So- - - when is your Birthday? The
I have the same trouble with my birthday.