Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Felted Pompom Purse

Pompoms on this felted purse made me think of fall 
when I sewed this collage of felt hearts and designs on the sides of the bag. 
You could do this on any bag with a soft side. 

Here's the yarn and supplies you'll need and the steps:
MODA DEA™ Dream: 1 Ball No. 3796 Aspen
MODA DEA™ Gleam: 1 Ball No. 3012 Black Pearl
MODA DEA™ Zing: 1 Ball No. 3689 Midnight

Large size Pattiewack™ Pompom Tool
Large size Pattiewack™ Tassel Tool
Large Upholstery Needle
6 Coordinating Beads

  1. Wind the yarn 50 times on the 3” step of the pompom tool.
  2. Tie the center of the pompom tightly with 18” length of yarn.
  3. Cut the pompom away from the tool.
  4. Repeat the pompom steps to create 3 pompoms of each color of yarn.
  5. Sew the pompoms to the top of the bag with a large upholstery needle.
  6. Wind all 3 yarns 5 times each on the 3” step of the tassel tool.
  7. Tie the top of the tassel with a 24” length of yarn.  (Do not trim the tassel ties, so you can use them to sew the tassel to the purse later.)
  8. Bind the neck of the tassel with a 10” length of yarn.
  9. Cut the bottom of the tassel and slide it off of the tool. 
  10. Thread the beads onto the tassel ties at the top of the tassel.
  11. Tie the beaded tassel to the handle of the purse, using the tassel ties.

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