Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Studio

My craft room is beckoning me into it today, but I must do housework, errands, and running around.
So, I did the next best thing... took pictures with my Hipstamatic iPhone app just for fun before I run out the door.  I am like most crafters, sewers, artists, because I am a collector of anything I think I can make into something else, if I only had MORE time! 

I found some fabulous World War I canvas spats that I thought I could use at work, but they were out of season for the creative objective.  
So, they are laying on my table waiting for me to turn them into fashion art.
I made a polka dotted wall organizer several years ago, and it is slowly filling up with odd and wonderful things, like this antique doll pincushion.  Scary fun.

My beloved scissors that my sister-in-law Sandy gave me, are one of my most prized tools.
Just try using them for anything but fabric... grrrrrrrrr.
I've been working on jewelry assemblage lately, so my collection of keys, junk, broken jewelry, and beads has taken over.

I've had this jar and this bag of buttons forever, and I have big plans to pour the buttons into the jar.

I can't throw anything away, obviously.

This was one of those days that I went on a 'color binge' and bought all things turquoise at the Yoshi Now store in downtown Fresno.  It's pretty much my Saturday hangout.

I found this cute cat last weekend, and it's sitting there waiting for me to glue it to something.

My kewpie doll is the keeper of my giant needles.
 I threw my pincushion in a teacup that my friend Kelly Phelps painted with a cute face.
My glue is always ready for any craft emergency, since I keep them on their heads, upside down.  
And my snowman scissors (a gift from Shirley, my mom-in-law)  are also at the ready.
Okay, maybe I'll get back here to craft tomorrow...
but for now, I've gotta dash!

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