Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Desk Organizers

As I turned my calendar over to the New Year, I realized I have a completely blank canvas of 365 days to craft my crazy brains out! I want to decoupage soaps, shrinky dink some earrings, make fancy boxes, and create a purse with an 33LP record, just to name a FEW.

Whew! Must craft, must craft, must craft.

But, for now I must concentrate on thinking of my next Channel Six project. After all, the first one for this year is MONDAY!

Meanwhile, Scott and I reorganized our office yesterday. He took all of my wood shelves outside and painted them black, to match my desk. Yes! He built a new shelf above my desk, and now I have a place for these cool striped boxes I made. One is for receipts. (It stays full.) The other is for cards that people send to me. (It stays happily full, too.)

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