Monday, January 1, 2007

Ice Candles

These are the Ice Candles I made on Channel Six last week. I brought them home after the show and arranged them on my piano with bows, lights, and ornaments that I made with old family photos. My family loved looking at the photos and remembering my mom & dad, gramma & grandpa, and laughing at some of the crazy poses. I will hate to take it down this week, but it will be fun to bring it all out again next year.

CBS Six In The Morning Clips

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Anonymous said...

You rock PWack girl. You make crafting fun again. No more "pull it out of the bag, slap it on to something and call it crafting!" Your crafts are REAL crafts. I love it and will be a regular visitor to your blog and web site. Cool tassel and pom pom tools btw. :)