Monday, January 8, 2007

Pump It Up

I had a blast with Carina this morning!
On my segment for the "Six In The Morning" show I demonstrated how to craft and work out at the same time. We painted dumbells and wrote motivational words on them like ... Go Girl ... Fun! ... Pump it ... Healthy ... and Vitality. I put grommets on one end of a yoga mat and tied a ribbon onto it to tie it into a roll and to make a shoulder strap. Loved it. I got so inspired that I jumped on my treadmill after I got back home. Maybe I can tighten up that holiday pudding on my belly!
You can check out the project sheet at: Pump It Up


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Anything to get you motivated, right? Thanks for all the cool and fun projects.
Keep them comin'.

Anonymous said...

What a cool way to dust off the old dumbells. I just might pull mine out from under the bed this year. Happy New Year to You!

gxg007 said...

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