Monday, January 22, 2007


This morning was terrific with LeAnne Taylor. She is so much fun, and we laughed our way through the decoupage mannequin and clip boards. The mannequin is a sneaky peak at a project I did for a book for Sterling Publishing, named "Glue It! & Use It!" with over 100 projects. That book is due out in the Fall'07 and I can hardly wait. The 1st draft came today, and now I am proofing it. I'm SO excited! I'll let you know when it is published, as it will be available at Barnes & Noble.

The gang at the Six in the Morning show here in Tulsa, are great peeps to work with, and we have a lot of fun, but when they count us down, it gets to be serious business. LeAnne keeps it light and humorous, and she gets a kick out of all the projects I bring, like mannequins!

I enjoy doing live TV, as this is something I've been doing for at least a dozen years. The CBS Channel Six Tulsa staff is a tremendous team, and we have a HUGE audience here in the tri-state area. I simply love it, and will keep doing it as long as they keep inviting me to be on.

CBS Six In The Morning Clips

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