Sunday, November 18, 2007

Old Paris Flea Market

I love flea markets! And this one in Carpinteria was fabulous. About a dozen booths offered a bountiful collection of eye candy and special things for sale. I was looking for a birthday gift for our daughter Stacey, and a mannequin for the studio. I scored both! I simply had to wear the apron I found for her as I finished shopping. It has a little fairy applique on the side, and since she LOVES fairies, it was calling her name.

I didn't buy this mannequin because it is so small, I didn't think I could really use it to display things on when we shoot craft videos. But I did find one that was a bodice, and scored that one for 20 bucks.

I am so stoked, with the apron and a necklace and other cute finds, Stacey's birthday gift will really be special.


Anonymous said...

okay...are the shoes and socks actually attached to that mannequin???? I love it!

Pattie Donham said...

Yes, it is all one piece. And it's the size of a child, for displaying children's clothing. I am just dying now because I didn't go ahead and buy it. Oh well, somebody else probably snagged it up for their special something. I could have dropped a bag of cash there that day, it was so fun!