Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blue Agave Goodbye

Since we are moving soon, we simply had to get together with some old friends that some of you know from being guests or working on the set at the Aleene's Creative Living show, which was on the TNN Network about 10 years ago. Yeppers, that's my gal pal Jen Fullerton who used to be the Director. She's the one whom I used to have talking in my earpiece when I was hosting the show. (Can you say, "I hear voices in my head...?")

And that's Kat Shannon who used to be the Audio Engineer. (Yeah, the long-hair, sexy-voice dude that used to put the microphone on ya...remember?) Kat is now a talk radio personality on KZSB 1290-AM in Santa Barbara, and you probably hear him every day if you live there.

We've all changed in looks a lot since then. Scott had long curly red hair, and I had short hair and braces! But, the friendships have not changed one bit. We all still stay in touch.

We met at the Blue Agave in Santa Barbara and had a spectacular dinner in one of the cozy handmade booths that our friend Joseph built for the restaurant. (He used to run camera at Aleene's, so you might remember him, too.) Anyway, the night was warm and wonderful, and we swapped stories about what's new with each other, and remembered all the crazy stuff that used to happen on the set.

We're gonna miss you guys!

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John said...

Is that the same Kat Shannon that did the cable tv program "Rock Frequencies" and lived in Agoura Hills on Laura La Plante street?