Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wallies for your Wall

Oh my gosh, the new peel & stick paper in the Wallies booth was soooooo cool! I simply must have some of this crazy stuff for my house, my grands, and my office. Would you believe that they have come up with a way to turn an entire wall, table or cabinet into a chalkboard, or a dry erase board?

You know, sometimes you just think they've thought of everything, and then someone comes up with something to razzle dazzle your socks off, and this idea does it for me. Wallies had an entire table covered with chalkboard squares and it was really darling, useful and chic. Oh, and there was a table that was tiled with the dry erase squares that you thought at first glance was actual high gloss ceramic tiles. But, the kids would love to write, doodle, and play all day on that table. I just think that the chalkboard squares would be terrific at a cute cafe if you put one on each table with the day's special. Soup de Jur, baybeee!

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