Thursday, February 21, 2008

Party Crashers

I was so happy to be invited to dinner as an author for Sterling Publishing on Monday night. We went to the White House and the funniest thing happened! Scott dropped Susan Levin and I off at the valet and we promptly went to the hostess for directions to our event. There was a lovely tent full of people, drinks and platters of appetizers.

We got our wine and started to mingle, but quickly realized we didn't know a soul! Turns out, we were at the wrong party. By this time we had eaten some yum sushi, drank a little wine, and mingled with complete strangers! (giggle)

We were eventually guided by another hostess up the stairs and down the hall to our darling group of authors, distributors and editors whom we knew. Whew! The napkins were folded to look like starched shirts with bow ties and the menu choices were named after presidents and first ladies. Too cute. We had a scrumptious dinner and talked the night away. Who knew we were such good party crashers!

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Crafty Chica said...

omg, LOVE IT! what a fun story/memory to have. crashing a party at la casa blanca. you are awesome!!! beyond crafty!!!