Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CHA Summer Set Up

The iLoveToCreate booth was fabulous! Alyson and I worked our booties off setting it up with the weird help of the union dudes. I promise, I could have gone out for lunch and had a cocktail in the same time it took one of those guys to walk across the booth space. But, as you can see if you click on the pic for a closer look, we did it, and it looked great.

The iLoveToCreate team at home did a fantastic job of coordinating the whole thing, with lots of hands on deck. Mandy was wonderful, and Patty & Alexa were outrageously creative with the whole set-up. I loved all the gold frames around the Aleene's adhesives.

I was all set to go with my Aleene's Adhesives Make & Take demo. Looks all nice and neat at this point, before the crazy crafty buyers hit the booth.

And this blur of action is how it looked when they came to take advantage of the action at our booth. It was like someone was directing craft traffic straight to our booth.

Keep coming back, and I'll show you some of the tacky jewelry we were making... with Tacky Glue, no less.

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