Sunday, August 23, 2009

Treads and Threads

Bicycle Tire (auto tire, or tennis shoe)
Prewashed Cotton Tee Shirt
Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint (Black Slick)
Clothes Pins
Disposable Brush
Paper Plate


  1. Place newspaper inside shirt. Hold in place with clothespins.
  2. Generously apply paint to the tread of a bicycle tire, the width of the tee shirt, using a disposable brush.
  3. Roll the paint covered tire over the tee shirt to stamp with the tread.

Pattie's Pointer:
Boys and girls will both love this funky technique for stamping their tee shirts with tire tread. You can use anything with a tread, such as an automobile tire, or tennis shoes or hiking boots. For a tread-theme decorating idea, you can stamp a lampshade, window shade, and pillows for the teen or tween who loves motocross, cycling, or just loves dirt!

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DcommeDom said...

Oh bravo ! Excellente idée !!