Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crafter's Guide to Glue Book

"When it comes to dieting,
remember one simple rule...
If you can't lose it, decorate it!"

Yes, this is another wacky project from "Crafters Guide to Glue" by Pattie Donham (me!) and it was one of the most fun to do!

I made over 70 projects for this big fat 128 page book, every single design with GLUE, and they are funky, crazy and fun. You’ll find everything from a weenie dog on a messenger bag, to bread dough jewelry and a mosaic chiminea fountain. There are glue recipes for things like slime, sticker glue and puffy paste, too! If it has to do with sticky, wacky, or crafty, it’s in there!

For this crazy cardigan, I took a cute fleece jacket and traded out the buttons for vintage, and then glued trim onto it with Aleene's Fabric Fusion. But that's pretty normal, right? So I had this left-over napkin from a party, and I grabbed my Aleene's Napkin Applique Glue and got busy. It's really simple, because all you do is separate the layers of paper in the napkin until you only have the part with the pattern on it.

In this case it's the middle aged gals with the pitiful excuse for dieting. (sigh) I cut it out and applied a layer of glue to the cardigan and while it was wet I laid the napkin in the wet glue and carefully patted it with my fingers. Then I applied a nice thick layer of glue over the napkin to reallllly seal it into the cardigan.

While I was waiting for it to dry I glued a few Tulip Crystals around it with more of my Aleene's Fabric Fusion. When it was dry it was ready for photography in my glue book. But better yet, my Aunt Mary Lou was the perfect gal to recieve it as a gift.

You know, all of my aunts have two names, since we are all from Oklahoma. There's Aunt Wanda Faye, Aunt Betty Sue, and so on... God love'em.

So there ya go.... another gluey project from me.... if you can't glue it, I don't do it :-)

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