Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall in Fresno

It's Halloween Weekend here in Fresno and the Fall weather is amazing. It's been in the 70's all week, and the mornings are fabulous. We headed to the local bakery for pastries and coffee to sit outside in the sunshine.

Scott's in pastry heaven.
Then we headed to the Fresno Farmer's Market on Shaw, and began to absorb the smells, sights, and the sounds of fall with the crunchy leaves under our feet. It was our first time to shop here, since we usually go to the Clovis market which is closed for the season. It was wonderful.

This watercolor artist was absorbed in her painting as we walked by and enjoyed the eye candy. Her flair was soft and subdued colors of florals and still life. Sooo pretty.

Scott was totally in his "happy place" as you can see. I think that the only thing he likes more than biking is shopping for fresh food.

Check out this real life scissor-hands guy! He had a pimped-out van with everything sharp. He is there every week and sharpens whatever you bring him.... scissors, knives, you name it. I am going to bring my sewing shears to him next week. I think I must have put a nick in them cutting wired-edged ribbon. Now they tug every time I cut fabric. That's not good.

I took a couple of these home and made silver dollar eggplant for dinner. I cut it in skinny circles, dredged in Greek yogurt, sprinkled with cornmeal and salt & pepper, and pan fried them in olive oil. Oh mah gawd, they were finger-lickin' good.

Next week, I'm trying out these guys....

Happy Halloweeenie Weekend from Fresno....oh.....

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