Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Secrets!

I am so excited, I can't stand it! I have a HUGE SECRET to tell you, and it has to do with videos, webisodes, crafts, and a fabulous cable network. After a major conference call this week, I have barely been touching the ground. All I can say is you better buckle your seat belts or grab some duct tape, because I have some fantastic things to reveal, that will rock your plaid socks off!

I don't think I've ever been so busy in my entire life. And, I don't think I've ever gotten SO much crafting done in my entire life, either! These are the sample projects I just finished for the class at the CHA trade show next week, demonstrating the 123D Papercrafting System with EK Success. Susan Levin was kind enough to provide the beautiful wedding pics, which simply MAKE the projects, don't you think? The papers and stickers are from the Inspirables collection, and I love them. We are only going to have 2 hours to make 5 projects, and I'm hoping that we can get them all done in that length of time. I think the class is already booked up, and I think it will be a ton of fun.

We did a photo shoot yesterday for a super fantastic project for a magazine ad that is due this week. Ah....deadlines. Scott made it fun, as usual, and I went through 3 wardrobe changes. It's for the holidays, and I wanted to wear this crazy cute halter dress, and he humored me by shooting that, plus a sweater outfit, and then a brilliant blue silky cropped jacket. After I saw the test shots, I had to let go of the halter dress idea, of course. (sigh) But the brilliant blue jacket was spectacular. Thanks, Scott! It's TOP SECRET right now, or I would show you everything. Don't worry, it will be out soon!

I've also been working on some new products ideas, and spent 4 or 5 days with hardly any sleep, getting the prototypes ready, and then making storyboards. What fun, but how exhausting! I feel like I did the blood, sweat and tears thing over them, because they were really what I love, and would love to see come to market for all of you to craft and play with. I mean, if you could get your hands on these cool crafty tools, you'd sprain your brain thinking of all the things you could make!

As if that's not enough, I have to say that I am on my LAST project for the latest book designs with Barbara Winkler for Soho Publishing. She has been phenomenal to work with, and the 2 of us have had to make up for some of the work that was supposed to be done by another designer, but I am loving this last project, and think it will be the best, ever. Alas, it is ANOTHER top secret, that I am dying to reveal. This book is going to be amazing, because it will make you look at your recipes in a brand new way, baybee!


Crafty Chica said...

i heard we have the same secret!!!!! we must chat by phone and copmpare notes, isn't it so exciting??? woo-hoo!!!

Pattie Donham said...

I KNOW!!!!! This is gonnnna be FUN! Yes, let's talk....