Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Picnic Quillows

Is there anything better than a picnic? Well, maybe a picnic with wine! When Scott and I go on hikes or to outdoor concerts, we love to take our fave wine and a way to spread everything out for a lazy lunch. My Mom and Daddy make these fab quilts that are the size of an afghan, which fold into themselves to form a pouch with a shoulder strap. They're called QUILLOWS! There are pockets on the sides, so that we can tuck our wine or other beverages into the pouch, and off we go! Mom and Daddy have a quilting shop in Oklahoma, where they machine quilt these quillows and all sorts and sizes of quilts. People drive from all over the Grand Lake area to drop off their quilt tops and then when they pick them up, they have magically turned into beautiful quilts! Of course, they have a website at PearlsQuilts.com where their other clients place orders and ship their quilt tops to my Mom and Dad. I can't wait for tomorrw, since we are going to head to the beach in Santa Barbara to watch fireworks and lie on the beach. You'll see me there, with Scott and my quillow!

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