Thursday, July 12, 2007

On Location

We're busy as bees with our production company right now. Scott and I just finished shooting a ceramics instructional video for CCSA in Fresno. The talented artists in the ceramics community are so extreme in their techniques. It just blows me away! I saw everything from how to draw designs onto unfired bisque, to blowing bubbles of paint onto a plate. David and Kelly were the stars, and Angie Verburg, Executive Director for Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association put the whole thing together.

I love this piece I found of a male torso by Gino Dominic Nardo. If only I had time to learn EVERY kind of craft in the world. I think I'm well on my way, but ceramics sound so overwhelming. I wish I had a personal sized kiln. Then I could try my hand at glass fusion and ceramic jewelry.

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