Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trade Show Heaven

I’m freaking out because I didn’t get to see EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at the CHA trade show in Chicago. Can you say Game Plan? I had one, but there were almost 500 booths, and there are over 5,000 buyers in the $30 Billion craft and hobby industry, so forget about it!

My class was a huge success, if you figure that every crafty store owner got to make 5 projects with their 123D Papercrafting System. We had an evil gremlin trying to keep us from using the projector, but the gallant gals from EK Success took over and soon we were all gazing upward at the power point for the happy how-tos.

I wasn’t flying a motorcycle over 15 buses, or saving the planet, but we were in a papercrafting frenzy, as the swag started to fly. There were fab new papers, stickers, brads, labels, and scrapbook bling everywhere.

Gloria and Joy were the cutest Vannas I could ask for, and Susan kept the powerpoint humming, while Shane was spreading the love.

I was still wiping the sleepies out of my eyes, since the class was at 8 o’clock, but these gals were ready! As store owners, they’ve got game, and when they get back home they will be stoked about crafting some serious papercraft bling.

Of course, trade shows are the perfect time to catch up with old friends, and Lauren Johnston made sure we scarfed up some yummo pizza in Chicago style. She’s an amazing designer who’s a riot to work with.

Hanging out at the Hyatt was great, since we got to run into the coolest peeps and even CEOs, like Larry Duncan.

Even Scott can relax sometimes, and sit around without a camera on his shoulder.

Back on the floor the next day, the Wrights booth was one of the coolest there. The contrast of the architectural grunge against the feminine trims of beading, lace and ribbons was a fashionista’s dream world. Their new bobbin winder was the cutest and a must-have on my tools list.

Speaking of must-haves, you will flip when you get your hands on the Creative Options organizers and totes. Scott shot a video of their fresh new storage products. I’ll let you know when the clip is up for you to check out.

Traci and Alexis were the cutest and craftiest chickies you’ll ever see, and the Duncan booth was buzzing with activity over the new glues and paint products.

After 2 days of craft overload, Scott was delirious at the Hyatt lounge. Yeppers, those are tables, and we did an intervention before the hotel security took Scott away. Just another trade show casualty, I’m afraid. But don’t worry, we made it home just fine, and no animals were hurt or injured in the process. (giggle, giggle)


Crafty Chica said...

you are so amazing! i'm sorry i missed you!!!

Pattie Donham said...

Oh my gosh! I stopped by the booth and you had already dashed away. In fact, every time I went by, I missed you somehow. We'll hook up sooooon, at some crafty thing in the future....