Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Fires

A lot of you have emailed to check on us because of the horrendous and devastating California fires. We're doing fine here on the side of a mountain in Santa Paula. Highway 126 to Santa Clarita is closed, but we can still get to the grocery store. The fire in Piru is just minutes away. We had brown-outs all day yesterday so I had to stay off the computer. So sorry, if you were trying to get through to me in emails. I'm slowly plugging away to answer everyone. We lost a tree out front and one out back is laying over. When I walked outside Sunday morning the wind blew me down! I felt like I was back in Oklahoma with the tornadoes! The ash filled the sky, and we couldn't even see the mountains yesterday. It was like we were living on Mars with an orange sky. And it sounded like our roof was going to take off any minute. Weird, scary!

Today the skies are more clear, there is a little less wind, and it should start improving. I have tons of freelance design work to do in my studio, and Scott just finished up LA Fashion Week, so he's back home doing editing. Perfect timing for us to be stuck at home.

We also have a tin roof that should keep the embers away, and we are located just below a mountain ridge and just above a huge avocado farm. Yesterday I went to check the mail and realized that the ground was covered with avocados! The wind had blown them out of our trees, and I picked up about 50 or 60 off the ground. Yummy. Can you say guacamole??


Ricë said...

are the avocados tasty when they're that small? or are they NOT that small, and it's just the photo? i HOPE they were delicious and not a single one went to waste--having avocados EVERYWHERE was one of my favorite things about living in SoCal!

Pattie Donham said...

Honestly, they aren't as tasty. But, put them all together in a big bowl with fresh lime juice, chopped tomatoes, onions and cilantro, and we're talking tasty then! Wish you were here....I'd share.

Elaine said...

Wanna send those puppies my way?? LOL