Wednesday, October 17, 2007

L.A. Fashion Week

Scott keeps sending me sweet pics from L.A. Fashion Week. He's the cameraman who is filming the runways explicitly for the designers, and the rest of those peeps are paparazzi and media! Every time they finish a show, he runs his tape to the editing crew and they edit it on the spot to hand over to the designers. Pretty hectic and wild!

He has seen tons of celebrities, including David Hasselhoff. Scott said that he was totally surrounded by people trying to interview him before the show started. It's crazy busy and when he calls me I can barely hear what he's saying. Especially when the music is blasting.

Check it out! Can you find Scott? Totally nuts! I can't imagine what it's like to stay concentrated on getting every shot just right. The designers will be using his video for their promos and marketing after the show is over, so he has to get the best shots. I miss him! I know he's not eating good, although he said that the Whole Foods Market is one of the sponsors, so maybe he's scarfing some tasty snacks.

I promise to send more pics tomorrow, as soon as I figure out how to send them from my phone to my blog. Scott emailed these to me, so I'm spoiled. *sigh*


Crafty Chica said...

What a COOL job he has!!! Ask him to look for the girls from The Hills, I bet they will be out there, at least Lauren!! Oh, I watch too much TV!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet pics! That would be fun.