Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Tree

I found this amazing Halloween Tree at Turkey Feathers Typepad, and fell in love! It is so simple, but simply darling. She has the most adorable things, and such a pretty blog. I love surfing through all of your creative blogs out here in the wonderful world wide web. I'm really getting excited about Halloween, now that the fires are starting to die down. Thank you for all the concerned emails and phone calls. We're doing just fine, and things are starting to be normal again. I feel so badly for everyone affected by this horrible tragedy here in California, and my thoughts are with you.


Crafty Chica said...

i'm so happy you are a-ok!!! what a scary week it has been. love the tree! what a great idea!!!
hugs and glitter,
kathy :-)

Ariel Gill said...

Hi, Pattie, I love your peek-a-boo ghost. What fun to do with my grandkids!

I have to share something really weird - All morning long I've had a silly nursery rhyme joke stuck in my head: "It's a knick knack Patti Wack, give the frog a loan." (Do you know it?) Then, I went to GPP and saw your name on Michelle's comments. Weird music going off in my head now. Happy Haunting. Ariel

Pattie Donham said...

That's too crazy! It's kinda like having dejavooooo....ooooo. I like to think of things like that as being "bookmarks" that tell me I'm on the right page.

Preeety spooky!
Have a happy halloscream...

Elaine said...

I want little kids just so I can make this tree for them!! It is sooooo sweet and just right for kiddos!!