Sunday, October 14, 2007

Haunted Gingerbread House

It's time to run to the store and either get a gingerbread cookie mix and icing, and candies, and sprinkles. Or, go to the craft store and pick up one of those kits to make a haunted gingerbread house. When it gets a bit chilly willy like right now, I always need some gingerbread baking in the kitchen, don't you? It's great fun to get graham crackers and let the kids build their own houses with squeeze icing and let them get covered with gooey icing. Fun, fun, fun!


Lisa West said...

Fun house and reminds me I really want to do that project with my small children. So fun to have found you,(or you found me). Can't wait to see more.

Alexa said...

I've never made a Halloween house, but my mom always used to help us make real gingerbread houses as a kid. Every year, I have the intention to make another one, but man oh man, does it take all weekend! I guess this is why these kits are so popular!