Monday, October 8, 2007

The Flying Flea Market

That old saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” is totally true for me! And I was in junk heaven this weekend at the Flying Flea Market held at the Santa Paula Airport. Scott could barely keep up as I boogied from hanger to hanger where oodles of tables were filled with fab finds.

Melamine dishes in a colorful kiwi called my name, and the perky pink and black salt and pepper shakers just made me laugh out loud. Scott modeled the cross-stitched apron for me and got a couple of whistles from the girls. I love the rooster pattern and think I’ll have to wear it on Thanksgiving. The old books are flight logs from the 60’s. I’m thinking of altering them with rubberstamps, mini photos and fun sayings.

Can a girl ever have too many Barbie’s? This trio was just waiting for me, and the prayer cards were, too. You could have heard me squeal for a block when I found these vintage Samsonite suitcases! I don’t plan to alter them, because they are in pristine condition, and I only paid 2 bucks each for them. They will be filled with craft projects as soon as I knock the dust off them.

My mom sent this unbelievable stash of thread from Oklahoma. My new Singer 7470 is going to LOVE sewing with these scrumptious threads that remind me of silk, they are so shiny and vibrant. Thanks mom!

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Freshly Found said...

What a delight - all that amazing vintage stuff. It can be addictive! Thanks for popping in to my blog.