Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We DID It!

We bought the rings, got the license, and tied the knot! If you don’t know me, no big deal. If you DO know me, you know that Scott and I have been together for at least 7 years and have pretty much ignored the idea of getting married, figuring it just wasn’t necessary to our happiness. But, in order to make other people happy, we have been trying to come up with a good date and a good place for a wedding. But after a year of trying, it just wasn’t working out. With family and friends sprawled across 6 states, it seemed like an impossible task to get everyone together. Kind of like herding cats. Fun for a while, but eventually you get worn out and just want a nap.

So here's how it all happened. Scott had been shopping for rings and pretty much knew what he wanted, and I kept saying, “no biggie…I’m easy to please” while he was digging for real hints about what I liked. And he did SO good. I love it!

The plan was to go to the courthouse and get married and then have dinner with friends, so we started telling friends that we were gonna do it. And then, everyone got SO excited and wanted to BE there, and then how do we choose WHO? And how could we enjoy our local friends being there, but none of our far away friends, or what about our family who are all out of state? And, and, and….we both decided maybe we should just get the license and then maybe plan a little ceremony for later so more peeps could come. Or, maybe a ceremony in Oklahoma and one in Washington and one in California. Wow! Then, we gave up again and told everyone that we were going to wait. Oh my….I was all perplexed and didn’t know what to do until the day before our appointment to get the license. I don’t know what happened, but Scott and I looked at each other and with a twinkle in our eye decided to just DO it. He called a video buddy to meet us there, and we were ready.

Ready? Not really! We made a mad dash to the local mall and I found a beautiful white satin ruffledy blouse and some darling jeans. Then we snagged a gorgeous shirt for Scott that was the exact same color and a pumpkin colored silk tie. We picked up our rings and slept with great anticipation for the next day.

I woke up the next morning and realized I simply HAD to have a bouquet of fresh flowers. So, I ran to the grocery store. I know that sounds bizarre, but I spent several years in flower shops and I’ve made umpteen bridal bouquets so all I needed was a couple dozen fresh roses. Well, there I was in my pretty satin blouse, new jeans, pearl handbag, and matching pearl necklace and earrings, stumbling to the flower counter. Imagine my pitiful pout when the chick told me she “couldn’t give me the flowers that she just unloaded from the truck because they weren’t seasoned yet.” ARH! Even though I explained how I was getting married in 2 hours, she didn’t budge. I hopped back into the car in search of a fresh flower shop on Main Street and found an angel named Nancy who was more than happy to chop the stems off the most beautiful white roses for my wedding day. I love you, Nancy!

As I finished up binding the stems with satin ribbon and pearl corsage pins, it was about 1 hour before our noon appointment, and we got to wondering if we needed witnesses. I said no, but Scott looked back over the paperwork and sure enough, we did. Yikes! So, he called over to the K1C2 Studio to see if anyone was there, and Susan was. She high-tailed it the few blocks to the courthouse to meet us. She’s fast, because she even bought a bottle of champagne on the way there! Now, that’s a friend.

It was FUN! We had the cutest man to marry us, and he even started singing an Elvis tune at the end. We caused quite a buzz with our video dude juggling his camera and microphone, Susan with her camera and champagne, me with my flowers and nervous giggle, and Scott with our rings and briefcase and a big happy grin. No drama, just happy shiny people.

I wish that ALL of you could have been there. But actually you were! You were right there IN MY HEART, carrying me to the perfect angel to hand me those roses, carrying me across the courthouse lawn beneath the waving palm trees, there when Scott placed the ring on my finger and there in my voice when I said “I do.”

Now, you can call me Mrs. Wilkinson. Or you can still call me mom, grammy, grandma, sis, and all those other names, like Pattie, wackers, and anything else you want. Hey, be nice.

Yummy chocolate mousse and cookies from Tutti’s after the big to-do of I-do’s.


Crafty Chica said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest wedding tale I have ever heard!!!! You are spontaneous, fun, creative, brilliant - you deserve all the happiness in the world!!! Peace and blessings to you and Scott, truly a five-star match made in Heaven!!! Love, Kathy :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing story...thank you so much for sharing! I am so happy for both of you!

PS Please tell Scott that I totally love his tie...awesome color!!

Jeanie Lou said...

Yep! You did the right thing and it all sounds like so much fun. I've read about the two of you for so long and I can only wish for you all the happiness in the world. Best wishes.

Joni said...

Best wishes and many happy days and years together.

Denise said...

Cool beans! Congratulations to both of you! Miss Fee gave me the heads up and I kept looking for some sort of announcement...finally found it and I just want to hug you both! Being married is the best thing! Love ya bunches!!

Joan said...

Well, my dear, looking back, I was probably there the day you two met. The three of us have been through a lot together, shed a couple tears - both of happiness and sadness - but the true constant was you and Scott - I have had the pleasure of observing your lives and being a part of your day to day antics and I mean ANTICS!!! Your relationship has always been one that I stood back and observed and wanted to have one just like it - friends and buddies with lots of giggles!!! You two are amazing and I can't wait for a Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson hug!!!


Jodie Davis said...

Congrats! You two are the most adorable couple and exemplify what marriage is: being supportive of and dedicated to one another. And you sure have fun together--that's what it's all about! Best wishes for a _continuing_happy life together.
Hope to give you congradulatory hugs soon! Jodie,

Pattie Donham said...

Awwwwwwww, you guys are sooo sweet! We are lovin' being married....I keep staring at my ring.

Christine said...

Wow, that's the cutest wedding story ever! congrats to you and Scott.

Ladybug said...

What a wonderful wedding story!

OMG --- I just realized that you're the creator of the 123D Paper Crafting System. WTG!!!

I just sent you an e-mail querying you about all of the projects/templates, once available for it.

Love your blog and became a follower!! :-)