Sunday, October 21, 2007

Christian Audigier

I just have to share a few more pics from L.A. Fashion Week, since Scott got home and helped me load them onto my computer. The colors were simply yummy. It's great how the most simple things that are done in a collection of hot colors look so amazing. These were hanging over the entrance.

Don't you LOVE the Eiffel tower? I fell in love with the Christian Audigier runway! Be sure and click on the videos when you go to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show site, because they were all shot by my shooger, Scott!

This is the editing room. Cramped and crazy. As soon as he finished each show, Scott ran the tapes back to this room, uploaded to the computer and created a DVD to give to each designer. After that, the edited runway shows were added to the L.A. Fashion Week website for us to watch.

Okay, it's time to get a leopard hoodie, some silkscreen leggings, a graphic t-shirt, and a HUGE metallic bag, girls. And we simply MUST have a French Chapeau. You know, all we need are some stencils, fabric paint, and some creative juice to get our bling on!

I'm glad fashion week is over, and Scott's home, and I've got tons of new ideas to jazz up my wardrobe. Hey, don't worry. You won't see me sporting silk stockings and a garter belt anytime soon.....

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