Monday, October 15, 2007

Scary Stuffies

When I made these scary monsters for my glue book, I never realized just how popular these guys were going to be. I had seen them at in every shape and size. Some were made from felted wool, cotton prints, and of course some were made by knit and crochet lovers. Mine are cut from felt yardage from the fabric store. You can sew these up, or you can glue them like I did in my new book, The Crafter's Guide to Glue. The big momma is about 18 inches tall and the baby is only 6 inches tall in his mommy's pouch. The pattern is in the book, and I used the same pattern for the baby stuffy as I did for the applique on the scarf. My daughter went nuts over this, so it just might end up in the grandson's Christmas stash. But, it would make a fun Halloween project too, if you used orange and brown and black felt. If you make this for a child, please be sure that all the pieces are sewn so that they won't come off. Now, all these little monsters need are their own names!

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