Friday, March 16, 2007

We're Here!

We made it! Here's the new house in California. Now we just have to unpack and get busy crafting again. Keep coming back, and I'll keep you posted on the new place. I'll be turning the garage into a new design studio. Can't wait!

Bigger is Better

Good grief! Fiberglass cows, buried Cadillacs, the Grand Canyon, leaning water towers, and coffee shops. The road trip just keeps getting better. This big guy is at the Big Texan steakhouse in Amarillo, Texas. They have a 72 oz. steak there that you can have for free, if you can eat all of it. Yikes! I would like to meet the person who painted this giant cow. From looking at his face, he looks a little worried.

Where's Pattie?

Remember the Cadillacs? Here's the pic of my graffitti. I know, not too exciting, but hey, I'm a preacher's kid, and taught NOT to write on things in public, so this is BIG for me. I just wish I had some spray paint.

Java Jolt

Another coffee shop! Check out the sign that says, "Do you want to talk to the man in charge, or the woman who knows what's going on?" Man, I think we could make this road trip without the car. We're full of espresso and whirling down the road. Look out, California, here we come.

Amy & Me

Back on the Road! My buns are tired, but I'm not bored with my new Amy Sedaris book to keep us entertained. I found it used on for cheeeep, and boy, was it worth it. Too fun!

Coffee Shop Crafts

Yes, we are at another coffee shop. This time in Gallup, New Mexico at the train station. Had a fabulous lunch and a chocolate thingy in the shape of a pyramid, filled with chocolate mousse. I'm not sure that's how you spell it, but who cares, it was delicious! The craft stick art is hanging from the ceiling and I couldn't resist a photo op. Coolio....

Britten, USA

Tricky photography, teehee! Scott kept saying, "Hold your hand up like you're pushing the tower!" and this is how it came out. My goodness, what a scary sight! We are in Britten, USA and this tower looks like it could fall over any minute. Yikes!

Gotta Do It

I just had to run back to the car and grab my markers to add a little crafty touch to the skull and graffitti car paint. I wish I had spray paint! This feels a little naughty and fun at the same time.

Cadillac King!

It's Scott, King of the Cadillacs! Who could resist climbing to the top? What a crazy sight at the side of the road...there were spray paint cans scattered everywhere. Hmmm....I just might have to add my own crafty touch.

Can You Say Road Trip?

The words ROAD TRIP conjurs up thoughts of wheat fields, canyons, forests, and truck stops, right? Well, what about Cadillacs buried halfway in the ground, in the middle of a cow pasture in Amarillo, Texas?

Flying Monkeys

You can't do a road trip without stopping at as many coffee shops as you possibly can, right? This one had the cutest plaque that said, "Don't make me get the flying monkeys!" The Wicked Witch

California or Bust


Yes, that's a moving van, that's my family, and that's me with the big smile. It's going to be tough to leave these crazy peeps. I gave all my plants away, as I don't think they will make the trip from Tulsa to Santa Paula on a moving van. I'm going to miss everyone..... That's my mom and auntie holding plants, my Dad, my brother David, my uncle, and of course Scott standing next to me.

Goodbye Tulsa...
California or BUST!