Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Plates

Decoupage Plates for Christmas...
I found these plates in my Christmas decorations today, and they made me soooo happy!  They are 7 years old, but it's like yesterday when I look at them and makes me giggle because of my quirky family.

You can capture the candid moments of the holidays with your family as you glue their photos onto glass plates or a platter, ready to serve up goodies or display playfully on the mantel.     


Glass plates and platter (plastic works as well)
Decoupage  or laminate glue
Color copies of photos (do not use glossy paper)
Decorative paper (gift wrap, tissue, napkins, Christmas cards, wallpaper, old calendars, art prints or packaged paper)
Disposable brush
Disposable plate
Spray sealer

1. Cut background away from figures to use as focal point on dish. Glue to back of dish using decoupage glue and disposable brush, being careful not to get glue on plate where plate is clear. Let dry.

2. Add borders of paper, patchwork of tissue or napkins, cutouts, and other images, layering over the photos.

3. Apply an additional coat of glue over the entire plate.  Let dry.

4. Apply sealer to back of plate if not using laminate glue. Let dry.

Have FUN with it!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Make Ice Candles

Ice Candles are so much fun to make, and I'll show you how easy there are.  Here's several ways to make them.  They make really cool gifts, and are great to decorate you home.  Enjoy!