Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boho Christmas Stocking

When you look at old doilies for projects, remember that you can always dye them like I did this Bohemian style ensemble for Christmas.  
I started out by gathering a few items that I love, like the crochet collar, 
the gloves and the crochet butterfly.  
My mom crocheted the collar way back in the day when we were all wearing sweatshirts that were embellished with these collars or with paint and appliques.  
kept mine all these years, and really didn't have a lot of use for it.  
She also crocheted several butterflies that at that time were perfect to sew several to a sweatshirt.  
Yes, we really did that!  (giggle) 
So, back to my story of how I did this.... Before I did the dying, I sewed the stocking together.  
Here is the tutorial in pics for you to sew your own:


 To see the project page and lots more Christmas projects, 
check out and 
come see me at where there are videos and tons of fun.

Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Christmas Crochet/Knitting Tote Bag

I loved making this tote bag for the crochet or knitting enthusiast.  When I was sketching the design I wanted to make a spot to keep scissors handy and not so easy to lose in the bag with all your yarn and felt, and book and pattern. 
The instructions and details are at and there are tons more DIY gift ideas that you can still make in time for Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pompom Christmas Tree

Pompoms and Christmas seems like the perfect match to me, 
and I've been dreaming of covering a tree with pompoms ever since Scott and I 
invented the PattieWack Pompom Tool 7 years ago.

We did it!  
We finally made the pompoms for our Christmas Pompom Tree.     
The pompoms are soft and pretty and colorful against our white Christmas tree.
I'm loving the retro look with our mod turquoise chairs and how sweet it turned out.
It was super easy to make about 60 pompoms in all different colors of yarns.  
There are 7 different bright jewel toned colors of yarn.  
I made sure to use turquoise and red since those are the two major colors in our mid-century modern living room.  Then I added yummy colors like kiwi, tangerine, lemon yellow, deep purple, hibiscus and pistachio green pompoms.
 We love it! 

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Craft

Embroidery hoops are the perfect frames for my Christmas "JOY"message.  I can see these done in many different colors and styles.  They would be adorable in bright red and green for the traditional Christmas.  Or you could choose fabric in modern colors like tangerine, kiwi and lemon yellow.  
Hang them in front of a light and get a completely different look!

If you want the details, go to for the supplies and complete instructions to personalize your very own embroidery hoop art.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Felt Christmas Stocking

A Berry Merry Christmas

You’ll have yourself a very merry Christmas with this holly berry stocking hanging from the mantle! All you need is colorful felt and Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion™ … let Santa do the rest!

I loved making this stocking, because I love felt and how crisp and clean it looks.  This one is super fast to whip up and it would be easy to personalize by embroidering a monogram on the cuff.  I hope you like it....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY Video - Decoupaged Christmas Gift Box

Just like I promised, 
the Holiday How-To Videos are being posted at
and here's a great idea to turn a plain paper mache box into a
personalized gift for someone special!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY Glitter Shoes, Crystal Heels, Party Shoes....Slide Show!

Break out the glitter and glue and give your 
humdrum heels a star-studded makeover! 
Here are some ideas whipped up with products from iLoveToCreate!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Holiday Craft Videos Are Coming!

We had so much fun with Holiday Craft Videos last year, 
our iLoveToCreate website team decided to do them again this year!
 Scott decided that a white Christmas would be fun, so he got busy painting and 
I brought in some color with ornaments and pillows.  
The cute little red deer and the
iLoveToCreate frame was added by Alexa (aka Swell Designer.)
 We have tons of Tulip holiday products,
so it didn't take long to put together some really
cute and quick crafts for the videos,
including coffee cozies with crystals to make a monogram.
 Molly was on hand to assist with set-up.
That cute apron was just one of several darling ideas for using our
amazing adhesives, crystals, 3-D paint, stencils and glitter.
 As you can see... Victoria was not so excited about me 
snapping a candid photo of her during the shoot.
 And of course, Scott worked to make me look good, the audio sound wonderful,
and get those all-important close-ups for you to see
how to make your quick holiday crafts.
It was a good day of shooting at the iLoveToCreate photography/production studio.
Check out the videos as we post them on the iLTC blog.
I hope that they will inspire you
to be creative this holiday season!
Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pompom Jacket

It's time to think about Holiday Gifts and Events, 
and here's an idea that any girlie girl will love to give or receive.  

I made tons of pompoms, tassels and rosettes with the PattieWack Pompom Tool and the PattieWack Tassel Tool, then I sewed them to this adorable crochet jacket.  

The leaves are cut from felt and I added wooden beads to add more texture and interest for an adorable addition to your fave jeans or a little chocolate skirt for any special occasion.


Tools needed: 
Large upholstery needle

Supplies needed:
Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread, Size 3, 0775 Warm Rose

Red Heart Easy Tweed, 6674 Raspberry

Red Heart Super Saver 0966 Cherry Chip

7 – 3/4” Wooden Beads

12 – 2” Brown Felt Leaves, embroidered with Warm Rose

Warm Rose Rosette Steps:

  1. Wind both warm rose thread around the tassel tool on the 1-1/4”” step, 30 times.
  2. Bind the top of the rosette with 6” of yarn.
  3. Cut to loops and pull the rosette off the tool.
  4. Spread the cut loops around to create a flat rosette. 
  5. Tie a bead to the center of the rosette with additional yarn.
  6. Repeat steps to create 3 rosettes.  Lay aside.

1-1/2” Raspberry Tweed Pompoms:

Make 5 Lancelot pompoms, on the 1-1/2” step of the pompom tool, winding 30 times and tying with 6” of yarn.  Lay aside.

1” Raspberry Tweed Pompoms:

Make 10 Raspberry pompoms, on the 1” step of the pompom tool, winding 20 times and tying with 6” of yarn.  Lay aside.

1-1/2” Cherry Chip Pompoms:

Make 10 Cherry Chip pompoms, on the 1-1/2” step of the pompom tool, winding 40 times and tying with 6” of yarn.  Lay aside.

1-3/4” Raspberry Tweed Tassels:

Make 2 tassels, on the 1-3/4” step of the tassel tool, winding 15 times and tying the tops with 10” of yarn. Tie the tassel to the ends of the ties on the jacket.

Final Steps:

  1. Arrange all of the pompoms, leaves, and rosettes in the desired place on the front of jacket.  (Use photo for suggested placement.)  Pin into place.

Sew all of the pieces to the garment with an upholstery needle to complete.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pompom Turkey Favor

 When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of Scott and I waking up and
having a lazy breakfast before the dinner prep begins.  
So, I thought a cute little pompom turkey sitting on top of upside
down coffee cups at our table would be just the 
perfect favor to start the day!
Here's my crafty supplies: 
yarn, Aleene's Tacky Glue, polka dot papers, and a PattieWack Pompom Tool.
 First Step:
Make a pompom
 Second Step:
Cut out 3 tail feathers and 1 circle.
Third Step:
Fan-fold the tail feathers and glue the papers into place to make your cute pompom turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY Thanksgiving

I absolutely fell in love with this idea when I saw it on the Better Homes & Gardens site. It is a block of floral foam cut into a sphere, and soaked in water. Then it is covered with orange mums with the stems cut really short and stuck into the foam. There is a twig in the top with leaves to make it look even more realistic. Sitting it on top of a cake plate is simply luscious, and perfect for a table setting. Oh, a single mum in an egg cup at each place setting would be sooo cute. I can't wait to try this. I just hope I can find miniature mums. Love it!

Consignment Store Finds

Most of my life, I've worn hand-me-downs, so I guess it's only natural that I love consignment shops.  Daddy was a preacher in dirt-poor places around Oklahoma, and I remember mom and I going to the thrift stores on a regular basis to see what was new.  We sewed most everything I wore,  but you never knew what was waiting there at the thrift store, like this fabulous suede cape.  And the little fur pompom thingie just made me squeeeel with delight when I saw it. 

 And I couldn't resist this trendy leather bag covered in huge studs.  It zips along the bottom to make it roomier if you need it.  And I need it.
The hooded sweater duster was perfect, too.  I'm pretty excited about finding this new-to-me consignment boutique down in the Tower District in Fresno.
One of my favorite things about it was that it's an old pharmacy and they kept lots of the old store fixtures and signs.  The outside is very kitschy cool. 

Now all I need is some cute boots!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Belle Armoire Magazine

I am so excited to say I was published twice in the November/December issue of Belle Armoire!

 This design was inspired by the late Alexander McQueen's amazing use of mirror image prints.  I developed a technique where you paint one-half of the garment and then fold the unpainted side over to the painted side, unfold it and voila!  This is so much fun, it's easy, and has a huge wow factor.

This couture ensemble was designed by me for a CHA trade show, using glue, and limited sewing.  All the beads and ruffles and sequins and feathers a glued to the lace blouse and skirt.  I actually too 2 skirts and altered them to form one tulip skirt.  You have to pick it up on the newstand and check it out!

From Belle Armoire's website today:

"Be delighted by the November/December 2010 issue of Belle Armoire. Heidi Selig’s genius works of clothing for kids is featured in the Designer Collection profile. Megan Morris saved up scraps from making purses to create the stunning scrap dress featured on this issue’s cover. Learn about fusing metals with Ruth Rae’s tutorial, which showcases beautiful pieces using the technique. See the results of the Little Black Dress challenge, where we challenged artists to make a little black dress that fit their personalities. See the beautiful embroidery work of Debbie Bone-Harris, in a jacket and ensemble that’s sure to inspire. Regardless of the type of art to wear you love, you’re bound to find it within the pages of the November/December 2010 issue of Belle Armoire."
What an honor to be included in the fascinating line-up of designer's in this incredible magazine!

Haute Handbags Magazine

I'm published in the latest Haute Handbags Magazine!

 I got a fabulous surprise last night when we went to Barnes & Noble 
after dinner to peruse the latest magazines.  
There I was in HAUTE HANDBAGS, baybeeeee!

The purse I designed was with a painted clutch with 4 rings glued to the closure for 
the snazziest evening bag ever, if I do say so.
woot woot!

Of course, this one of my fave magazines on the newstand, and it's 
published by Stampington & Company, 
which is responsible for several amazing magazines.
Fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Felted Pompom Purse

Pompoms on this felted purse made me think of fall 
when I sewed this collage of felt hearts and designs on the sides of the bag. 
You could do this on any bag with a soft side. 

Here's the yarn and supplies you'll need and the steps:
MODA DEA™ Dream: 1 Ball No. 3796 Aspen
MODA DEA™ Gleam: 1 Ball No. 3012 Black Pearl
MODA DEA™ Zing: 1 Ball No. 3689 Midnight

Large size Pattiewack™ Pompom Tool
Large size Pattiewack™ Tassel Tool
Large Upholstery Needle
6 Coordinating Beads

  1. Wind the yarn 50 times on the 3” step of the pompom tool.
  2. Tie the center of the pompom tightly with 18” length of yarn.
  3. Cut the pompom away from the tool.
  4. Repeat the pompom steps to create 3 pompoms of each color of yarn.
  5. Sew the pompoms to the top of the bag with a large upholstery needle.
  6. Wind all 3 yarns 5 times each on the 3” step of the tassel tool.
  7. Tie the top of the tassel with a 24” length of yarn.  (Do not trim the tassel ties, so you can use them to sew the tassel to the purse later.)
  8. Bind the neck of the tassel with a 10” length of yarn.
  9. Cut the bottom of the tassel and slide it off of the tool. 
  10. Thread the beads onto the tassel ties at the top of the tassel.
  11. Tie the beaded tassel to the handle of the purse, using the tassel ties.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    High-Heeled Pilgrim Party Shoe Favors

    High-heeled Shoes and Thanksgiving?
    Of course!

    Who wouldn't want a darling Pilgrim Shoe Favor sitting at their place setting at your Thanksgiving dinner?

    I have this Pattiewack Pattern Pak that has a great pattern for a paper shoe that I have been dying to make into a Pilgrim Shoe for a long time, and finally got around to it this year.

     I simply traced the pattern from the original and cut it out.
     I found an black file folder that was white on the inside, and I thought it was perfect for this, so I traced around the pattern onto the paper, and cut it out.
     The lines on the inside of the shoe are the fold lines, so I grabbed my scoring tool and scored all of the lines.
     Next, I folded all of the score lines inward, and the shoe magically started taking shape.
     My little Tacky Glue was perfect for adhering all of the tabs on my Pilgrim Shoe.
     The pattern has a cute little flower on the toe, but I cut it into a square so I could make it into a buckle.
     And it wouldn't be a Pilgrim Shoe without a big gold buckle!
    I cut one out of gold paper and glued it on to finish it.
    I love how it turned out. 
    For the pattern, go to and make one for everyone!

    Craft on! Click here for today's daily giveaway!